You can view the installed packages in the Packages tab in the System Tools dialog box.
NOTE: For ThinOS package versions, see Dell Wyse ThinOS 8.2 Release Notes.
4. Server configuration for Flash redirection
a. To ignore the differences in flash player versions, user must add the
FlashPlayerVersionComparisonMask registry key on the desktop.
If it is XenApp 6.5, IEBrowserMaximumMajorVersion registry key is required to ignore the
differences in IE Browser versions.
5. Client configuration for Flash redirection
By default, no client configuration is required. New INI parameters are added to support HDX FR
Client configurations, for example, to fetch the server side content. The newly added INI parameters
HDXFlashUseFlashRemoting=Never | Always (default) \
HDXFlashEnableServerSideContentFetching=Disabled (default) | Enabled \
How to verify it is working or not working
a. Right-click the flash video to know the flash player version. It displays version information of the
customized player at ThinOS client side which is If the flash player version is
different, then it is unsuccessful server rendering.
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