NOTE: USB — Redirects locally attached USB devices on the thin client to a Microsoft
Windows terminal server. When the user connects to the terminal server, locally attached
USB devices on the thin client are accessible.
g. RDP Audio Playback — Select the audio playback options such as Play Locally, Do not play, and
Play on remote computer.
h. RDP Audio Recording — Select the audio recording options such as Do not record, and Record
from local.
i. Turn compression off — When selected, turns compression off (intended for high-speed
j. Optimize for low speed link —When selected, allows optimization for low-speed connections,
such as reducing audio quality and/or decreasing protocol-specific cache size. Intended for a
connection spanning a WAN link or using dialup.
k. Auto detect network — When selected, turns on the auto detect network feature. This feature is
enabled by default. It also disables the Optimize for low speed link option and the Desktop
Experience options by default.
l. Mouse queue timer— Specifies the default queue timer of a mouse event in an ICA or RDP
session (in 1/100 of a second). It can be used to adjust the bandwidth of a network.
5. Click OK to save the settings.
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