NOTE: A TS Gateway server is a type of gateway that enables authorized users to connect to
remote computers on a corporate network from any computer with an Internet connection.
A TS Gateway server enables Remote Desktop connections to a corporate network from the
Internet without having to set up virtual private network (VPN) connections. Ask your
network administrator whether you need to specify a TS Gateway server.
User Name — Enter a user name for the connection.
Password — Enter the password.
Domain — Enter the domain name.
NOTE: The User name, Password, and Domain name fields are optional. If you leave any of
these fields blank, interactive login is required and users must enter the information at login
4. Click Options tab, and use the following guidelines:
a. Wallpaper — When selected, disables the desktop wallpaper.
b. Menu / Window animation — When selected, disables the menu or window animation.
c. Theme — When selected, disables the desktop themes.
d. Show content when dragging — By default, when you grab a Window by the title bar and move it
around, the contents of the window will move with it. Select this to disable this content view so
that only the outline of the window moves when dragging it, until you drop the window. This
option can be beneficial, as it uses less processing power.
e. Font smoothing — Converts vector text to bitmap for better display.
f. Auto-connect to local devices — Select any options (Printers, Serials, USB, Smart Cards, and
Disks) to have the thin client automatically connect to the devices.
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