h. Re-connect after disconnect—When selected, causes the thin client to automatically reconnect
to a session after a non-operator-initiated disconnect. If selected, the wait interval is that set in
the Delay before re-connecting box (enter the number of seconds 1 to 3600) or the user profile
for yes (20 seconds) or seconds. The default is 20 seconds, if there is no INI file description of this
connection, or is a Stand-alone user, or is simply omitted.
You can reset the options on the Connection tab of the Connection Settings (RDP) dialog box. To
do so, click the Reset VM command button. This command button is located in the upper-right
of the dialog box. It appears only with a VDM broker connection.
3. Click Logon tab, and use the following guidelines:
a. Logging on area —Enter login username, password, and domain name. If these boxes are not
populated, you can enter the information manually in the RDP server login screen when the
connection is made. Use the following guidelines:
Login Username — Maximum of 31 characters is allowed.
Password — Maximum of 19 characters is allowed.
Domain Name — Maximum of 31 characters is allowed.
b. Application (127 characters maximum) and Working Directory (63 characters maximum)— Enter
an initialization string and arguments, including an associated working directory, that you want to
start automatically on the server when the connection is made.
c. Use TS Gateway— Enables the use of Terminal Services Gateway (TS Gateway) server when
connecting. If required, then enter the IP address or URL of the TS Gateway server in the Server
name box. You can also enable Use Same Info (if the server credentials are the same credentials
as your Remote Desktop Credentials (Host remote computer credentials) in the Login Username,
Password, and Domain name fields) or disable Use Same Info and enter the Server name, User
name, Password, and Domain name of the TS Gateway server if required.
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