a. Autoconnect to local devices — Select any options as Printers, Serials, USB, Smart Cards, Sound,
and Disks to have the thin client automatically connect to the devices an ICA session will not
automatically connect to a device through a serial port.
b. Allow font smoothing — When selected, enables font smoothing (smooth type).
c. Optimize for low speed link — When selected, allows optimization for low-speed connections,
such as reducing audio quality and/or decreasing protocol-specific cache size. Intended for a
connection spanning a WAN link or using dialup.
d. Enable session reliability — When enabled, session reliability allows a user to momentarily lose
connection to the server without having to re-authenticate upon regaining a connection. Instead
of a user’s connection timing out after X seconds, the session is kept alive on the server and is
made available to the client upon regaining connectivity. Session reliability is most relevant for
wireless devices.
Configuring RDP Connections
To configure the RDP connection option you selected in the Remote Connections:
1. Click the RDP tab on the desktop.
The Default RDP dialog box is displayed.
2. Click the Connection tab, and use the following guidelines:
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