a. Logging on area — Enter Login Username, Password, Domain name, and Logon Mode.
If the Login Username, Password, and Domain name boxes are not populated, you can enter the
information manually in the ICA server login screen when the connection is made:
Login Username — Maximum of 31 characters is allowed.
Password — Maximum of 19 characters is allowed.
Domain Name — Maximum of 31 characters is allowed.
Logon Mode — Select User-specified credentials, Smart Card, or Local User.
b. Start Command area— Server Connection Option Only — This area is disabled for a Published
Application option.
Application (127 characters maximum) and Working Directory (63 characters maximum) — Enter
an initialization string and arguments, including an associated working directory, that you want to
start automatically on the server when the connection is made.
4. Click Options tab and use the following guidelines:
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