The Host Name may be resolved using one of three mechanisms: ICA master browser, DNS
or WINS. Master browser is the only mechanism that can resolve a published application
unless manual entry is made in DNS for the application. DNS uses the default domain name
in the network control panel to attempt to construct an FQDN but will also try to resolve the
name without using the default.
e. Encryption Level — Allows you to select the security level of communications between the thin
client and the ICA server.
Basic (the default option) is the lowest level of security. Basic allows faster communication
between the device and the ICA server because it requires less processing than the higher levels
of encryption.
NOTE: The encryption selection applies to the security of communications between the thin
client and the ICA server only. It is independent of the security settings of individual
applications on the ICA server. For example, most web financial transactions require the thin
client to use 128-bit encryption. However, transaction information could be exposed to a
lower level of security if the thin client encryption is not also set to 128 bits.
f. Use HTTP for browsing — When selected, the thin client, by default, uses HTTP when browsing.
g. Alternate address via firewall — When selected, the thin client uses an alternate IP address
returned from the ICA master browser to get through firewalls. Used for the Windows log on
when the connection is activated.
h. Enable Wyse VDA — When selected, the thin client uses Virtual Desktop Accelerator software to
provide an accelerated user experience on remote desktop sessions with high round-trip delay
between the server and client.
i. Display Resolution — Select the display resolution for this connection.
If you select the Published Application option, the Connection Display allows you to select the
Seamless Display Resolution option.
Colors — Select the color depth of the ICA session. If High Colors (16 bits) or True Colors is
selected and the ICA server does not support this color depth, the thin client renegotiates the
color depth to the lower value, for example, 256 Colors [8–bits].
j. Window mode and Full screen mode — Select the initial view of the application in a windowed
screen or full screen.
k. Auto-connect on start-up — When selected, automatically connects the session on start-up.
l. Reconnect after disconnect — When selected, causes the thin client to automatically reconnect
to a session after a nonoperator-initiated disconnect. If selected, the wait interval is that set in the
Delay before reconnecting box (enter the number of seconds 1–3600) or the user profile for yes
(20 seconds) or seconds. The default is 20 seconds, if there is no INI file description of this
connection, or is a Stand-alone user, or simply omitted.
3. Click logon tab, and use the following guidelines:
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