a. Server or Published Application — Select the type of connection to which the settings apply.
b. Connection Description — Enter the descriptive name that is to appear in the connection list (38
characters maximum).
c. Browser Servers — Enter a delimited (comma or semicolon) list of IP addresses or DNS-registered
names of ICA servers that contains the master browsers list, or that could refer to another server
that contains the list.
The master browsers list is generated automatically by a browsing program on one of the ICA
servers (selected by negotiation between servers). It is used to provide the information displayed
in the Server Name or IP box. No entry is needed if the list is on an ICA server in the same
network segment as the thin client. No entry is necessary if the connection is to a server, or if the
server name or IP contains the IP address of the server.
d. Host Name or Application Name (title depends on the Server or Published Application option
selected) — You can enter a delimited semicolon or comma-separated list of server host names
or IP addresses, or you can select from the list of ICA servers or published applications obtained
from the ICA master browser. You can also use Browse next to the box to make the selection you
If you enter a delimited list of servers, the thin client will attempt to connect to the next server on
the list if the previous server attempt fails. If you use the list and the selected connection fails, the
thin client will attempt to connect to the next one on the list.
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