Advanced Details on Configuring ICA and
RDP Connections
Use the following information when configuring ICA and RDP connections. This information assumes
that the thin client does not have a locked down privilege level.
High-privileged user — The additional functionality provided by the Connection Settings dialog box
allows testing of connection definitions before they are entered by a network administrator into the
user profile files.
Low-privileged user — The settings for the selected connection can be viewed but cannot be edited,
and new connections cannot be defined. Connection definitions are controlled by a network
administrator and are accessed by the thin client from the user profiles on a remote server.
Stand-alone user — The Connect Manager is available to Stand alone users because connection
definitions cannot be accessed from remote user profiles. If user profiles are available on an FTP
server but are not accessed because DHCP is not available or is not configured to provide the file
server IP address, the file server IP location can be entered manually using the Network Setup dialog
Configuring ICA Connections
To configure the ICA connection option you selected in the Remote Connections dialog box, perform
the following tasks:
1. Click Default ICA icon on the Desktop.
2. Click Connection tab and use the following guidelines:
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