• R50LE
• X50c
• X50m
• Z50D
• Z50S
Wyse Enhanced Ubuntu Linux:
• T50
Wyse Xenith, Xenith 2, and Xenith Pro
Dell FX Devices (WES2009, WES7, and SUSE
• FX130
• FX170
Dell Wyse Technical Support
To access Dell Wyse technical resources, visit http://www.wyse.com/support. If you still have questions,
you can submit your questions using the Dell Wyse Self-Service Center at http://support.wyse.com/
selfservice.html or call Customer Support at 1-800-800-WYSE (toll free in U.S. and Canada). Hours of
operation are from 6:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Pacific Time, Monday through Friday.
To access international support, visit http://www.wyse.com/global.
Related Documentation and Services
Fact Sheets containing features of hardware products are available on the Dell Wyse Web site. Go to
http://www.dell.com/wyse and select your hardware product to locate and download the Fact Sheet.
If you need to upgrade your Windows Embedded Standard operating system, contact Dell Wyse
Customer Support at: http://www.dell.com/wyse.
Dell Wyse Online Community
Dell Wyse maintains an online community where users of our products can seek and exchange
information on user forums. Visit the Dell Wyse Online Community forums at: http://
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