Resolution: Import the certificate that is used to setup SSL on the WDM management server onto the
Trusted Root Certificate Authorities store for a local computer on the ARR Proxy system by referring to
ARR Proxy Returns HTTP Error Code 502.3
Issue: The ARR Proxy returns the HTTP Error Code 502.3 for older WDM Agents (HAgents) that do not
send the HTTPHEADSUPP=2 tag when they are checking in. If the HAgent does not send the
HTTPHEADSUPP=2 tag while checking in, then the Management Server does not send the HTTP status
code header (200 OK) in response and the ARR proxy returns the error. Only the clients sending the value
2 are supported in load balancer setup.
Resolution: You can run the following query on the WDM Database and read the value:
SELECT [HttpHeadSupp]
FROM [ClientNetwork]
where [MAC] = <ClientMac>
ARR Proxy Returns HTTP Error Code 502.4
Issue: The ARR Proxy server could return the HTTP Error Code 502.4 when any of the Management
Servers (HServers) are not available. The Health Status of all the HServers in the Server Farm may be set to
Unhealthy because the configured Health Tests have failed.
Resolution: To correct this:
1. Log in to the ARR Proxy Server and launch the IIS Server Manager.
2. Select the Server Farm you created and on the right-hand pane, select Monitoring and
3. Select the HServers and in the Action pane, select Set Server as Healthy.
4. If the load on the HServer is high then try to increase the interval and time-out values in the Health
Test feature
Enabling SSL Offloading on Proxy
Load Balancing is only supported in HTTPS setup. For debugging, if you want to see the Management
Server (HServer) response in Wireshark capture, then you can change the HServer-Proxy communication
to HTTP.
1. Log in to the ARR Proxy Server and launch the IIS Manager.
2. Double click the Routing Rules feature and select Enable SSL offloading setting.
3. Enable both HTTP and HTTPS binding in the website on the HServer machines and do not select
Require SSL in the SSL Settings.
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