Configuring Load Balancing for ThreadX Devices
When you want to manage a large number of PCoIP (ThreadX) devices, then a single ThreadX Manager
Service may not scale up to manage the large number of ThreadX devices. Configuring load balancing for
ThreadX devices helps you to manage a large number of such devices.
Before you configure Load Balancing for ThreadX devices, you first need to identify a Windows 2008 R2
system and install the Domain Name Server (DNS) on the system.
For more information on installing DNS on a Windows 2008 Server, go to http://
The load balancing mechanism uses the DNS Round Robin method to share and distribute the network
resource loads.
To set up the DNS Round Robin:
1. Log in to the DNS Server and launch the DNS Manager.
2. Select the server name on the tree in the left pane, right-click and select Properties from the menu.
The Properties window is displayed.
3. Click the Advanced tab on the Properties window.
4. In the Server Options pane, make sure that the options Enable round robin and Secure cache
against pollution are checked.
5. If you require netmask ordering, then select the Enable netmask ordering option. This feature tries
to prioritize local resources for the clients.
6. Click the View menu on the DNS Manager and select the Advanced option.
7. Expand the Domain node and under Forward Lookup Zones, select the domain. For example,
8. Right-click and select New Host (A or AAAA)....
The New Host window is displayed.
9. Enter the virtual host name of the ThreadX Server Farm that will participate in the load balancing. For
example, ThreadXServer1.
The FQDN of the server is displayed automatically.
10. Enter the IP address of the server.
11. Click Add Host.
12. Repeat steps 8–11 to add as many ThreadX Servers as you want.
13. Select the Domain node on DNS Manager, right-click and select Other New Records.
14. In the Resource Record Type dialog box, select SRV Location and click Create Record.
15. In the New Resource Record dialog box, enter the following values:
Service Name – _PCOIP-broker
Protocol – _tcp
Port Number – 50000.
Host Offering this Service – enter the hostname of the ThreadX Server Farm.
16. Repeat steps 13–15 to add the _PCOIP-tool SRV record.
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