4. Set the Request Limits as shown below:
5. Click OK to apply the settings.
Setting up Proxy FQDN in WDM Preferences
To complete the Load Balancing setup, you need to specify the Proxy server details in WDM.
To setup the Proxy FQDN in WDM:
1. Log in to the system where you have installed WDM and launch the WDM Console.
2. Select Configuration ManagerPreferences.
3. Double click on Service Preferences and in the Preferences window, select Serv/Port Settings.
4. Enter the FQDN of the ARR Proxy Server in the Alias Server Name field. For example, WIN2K8–Ent-
5. Click OK to save the settings.
The ARR Proxy Server is now recorded in the WDM database, and this completes the Load Balancing
Installing WDM Components
The load balancing setup needs multiple installations of WDM Management Servers. However, you must
make sure that one of the systems in this setup has a complete installation of WDM. You can then install
only the Management Server and the ThreadX Service on the other systems. For more information on
installing only the selected components, see Installing Management Server.
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