5. Change the Load Balance algorithm.
a. Select Weighted Round Robin from the Load balance algorithm drop-down list.
b. Select Even distribution from the Load distribution drop-down list.
c. Click Apply.
6. Double click the Monitoring and Management option to view the WDM Management Server health
status and other statistics.
7. Double click Proxy to configure the proxy settings:
a. Change the Response buffer threshold value to 0.
b. De-select the Keep Alive option.
c. Change the HTTP version to HTTP/1.1.
d. Select the Reverse rewrite host in response headers option.
8. Double click Routing Rules.
a. Click URL Rewrite on the Actions pane.
b. In the Edit Inbound Rule page, set the Pattern to *hserver.dll*.
This step ensures that the ARR Proxy Server forwards only the URL requests meant for the WDM
Management Server to the Server Farm.
The Server Farm properties are now configured.
Configuring Request Filtering
To configure request filtering:
1. Log in to the ARR Proxy Server and launch the IIS Manager.
2. Select Default Web Site under Sites and on the right-hand pane double click on Request Filtering.
3. Click Edit Feature Settings.
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