4. Enter a name for the server farm. For example, WDMServerFarm. Click Next to add the WDM
Management servers.
5. Type the host name of the WDM Server and click Add. You can add all the servers where you have
installed the WDM Management Server.
6. Click Finish to add all the servers to the farm.
After the servers are added and the server farm is created you are prompted with a message to
rewrite the routing rules for all requests to automatically come to the server farm.
7. Click Yes so that IIS manager can create a URL rewrite rule to route all incoming requests to this
server farm.
Configuring SSL
One of the features in ARR is SSL off-loading. This is a feature in which the communications between the
clients and the ARR Proxy Server are done via SSL, and the communications between the ARR Proxy
Server and the WDM Management Servers are done via clear text. By enabling this feature, you can help
to maximize the server resources on the WDM Management Servers.
You first need to create the SSL Certificate on the ARR Proxy Server.
To create and configure the SSL Certificate:
1. Log in to the ARR Proxy Server and launch the IIS Manager.
2. Select the root node and open the Server Certificates page from the right-hand pane.
3. Click Create Domain Certificate on the Action pane.
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