Installing the ARR Module
You must install the Application Request Routing version 3.0 on the system you have identified to be the
ARR Proxy Server. The installer is available on the Microsoft download site at http://
www.microsoft.com/web/gallery/install.aspx?appid=ARRv3_0. Download the ARRv3_0.exe file and install
Configuring the Application Pool Process for ARR
All HTTP requests and responses for the content sites go through Application Request Routing. For this to
function correctly you must make sure that the worker process of the Default Web Site on ARR is always
To configure the application pool process:
1. Log in to the ARR Proxy Server, and launch the IIS manager.
2. Select Application Pools under the root node.
The right-hand pane displays DefaultAppPool as the application pool for the Default Web Site.
3. Select DefaultAppPool and click Edit Application Pool on the Action pane.
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