Install only the WDM Management Server and Thread X Service on another server.
NOTE: You can set up the ARR Proxy Server and the WDM Management Servers across different
subnets in the same doamin.
Setting up the ARR Proxy Server consists of the following steps:
1. Installing IIS.
2. Installing the ARR Module.
3. Configuring the Application Pool Process Model for ARR.
4. Creating a Server Farm of WDM Management Servers.
5. Configuring SSL.
6. Configuring Server Farm Properties for ARR.
7. Configuring Request Filtering.
8. Setting up the Proxy FQDN in WDM Preferences.
Installing Internet Information Services (IIS)
Install Windows 2008 Server R2 on any of the systems that you identify to be the ARR Proxy Server.
To install IIS:
1. Log in to the system as an administrator and launch the Server Manager.
2. Select Roles under Server Manager and click Add Roles on the right-hand pane.
The Add Roles Wizard is displayed.
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