The High Availability Configuration Utility is available after you install WDM on the primary and secondary
1. Launch the High Availability Configuration Utility from StartAll ProgramsDell Wyse Device
2. Enter the following details:
Configure Setup As – select Cluster from the drop-down list.
Database Name – this is displayed by default and cannot be edited.
Database Server – Specify the hostname of the database cluster.
Database User Name – Specify rapport as the database user.
Database Password – Specify the password of the rapport user.
3. Click Configure.
The connection details are displayed on the bottom pane of the utility.
Adding a License on WDM
WDM needs a license to function. The licensing code is generated based on the database. WDM is
normally installed on a standalone database and then moved to a cluster. Therefore, after your cluster
setup is complete, you need to generate the license code again for the cluster.
To add a license on WDM for the WDM server:
1. Launch Wyse Device Manager (WDM). The following error is displayed: “Application Function:
ScopeItems_Expand: 13 Type mismatch”.
2. Click OK and add the license from the WDM console.
3. To initiate failover, shutdown the database on the primary node and restart the WDM Console.
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