4. Click the AlwaysOn High Availability tab on both the nodes and select the Enable AlwaysOn
Availability Groups. Click OK.
5. Install the WDM database in only one of the VMs that is one of the nodes of the cluster.
6. Run the following script on the database:
Use RapportDB
Update Install set ServerName='NEWCLUSTER01' where Module=’Rapport4DB
7. Add the Virtual Hostname of the cluster while installing all the WDM components without the
8. Create the same directory structure pointing to the database location both in the primary as well as
the secondary node. For example, if the database is present in C:\WYSE\WDM\Database in the
primary node, create the same structure in the secondrary server as well.
9. Launch the SQL Server Management Studio on the primary node. Login with the default SQL user
name and password.
10. Right-click on RapportDB database and select Properties.
11. In the Database Properties screen, change the Recovery Model to Full.
12. Right-click on the RapportDB and select Tasks Backup to take a backup of the RapportDB.
13. Leave the defaults on the Backup Database screen and click OK.
14. Launch the SQL Server Management Studio, right-click on AlwaysOn High Availability and select
New Availability Group Wizard.
15. The New Availabilty Group wizard is displayed. Click Next.
16. Provide a name for the Availability group such as Rapport_cluster and click Next.
17. Select the database and click Next.
18. Click Add Replica and select the Automatic Failover(up to 2) and Synchronous commit(up to 3)
19. Click Next.
20. Select the Full option and specify the shared folder location as \\<Name of the Quorum Machine>
\quorum. Click Next.
21. Make sure that the Validation screen does not display any failures.Click Next.
22. If you see any warnings on the screen, you can ignore them and proceed with the installation.
23. Click Finish to complete installing the New Availability Group.
24. The progress window displays the progress of the installation. Click Next when installation
25. View the results and click Close.
26. The primary and secondary nodes are displayed on the SQL Server Management Studio.
27. Shutdown the secondary node and check to make sure that the primary node is running in the
28. Launch the SQL Server Management Studio on the primary node. Login with the default SQL user
name and password.
29. Click on the Security node, select Login, right-click and select New Login to create the Rapport user.
This step is important for WDM to function.
30. Select Server Roles, select the sysadmin check-box and click OK.
31. View the Rapport user on the SQL Server Management Studio.
Running the HA Configuration Utility
WDM needs to connect to the cluster in order to function within the cluster and ensure that there is zero
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