18. Click Add Current User to add the Administrator user and click Next.
19. You will be prompted to install a SQL Failover Cluster. Click Yes on the prompt.
20. Click the Data Directories tab on the Database Engine Configuration screen. In the location for the
Data root directory, enter \\<Name of the Quorum VM>\quorum. Click Next.
21. Check the Error Reporting screen and click Next. You can ignore the warnings.
22. Make sure that there are no failures in the Cluster Installation Rules screen. Click Next.
23. Click Install to begin the installation.
24. The Installation Progress screen displays the progress of installation. Click Next when the
installation completes.
25. Click Close to complete the installation. The Failover Cluster Manager should be displayed in Server
Manager under Features.
Adding the Secondary Node to SQL Server Failover Cluster
After you complete the SQL Server Failover Cluster installation on the primary node, you must add the
secondary node to the Failover Cluster.
To add the secondary node to the SQL Server Failover Cluster:
1. Launch the SQL 2012 Server Installation media on the secondary node.
2. Click Installation and select Add node to a SQL Server failover cluster.
3. Make sure that the Setup Support Rules screen does not display any failures. Click OK.
4. The following screen is displayed. If there are failures, resolve them before you proceed. If there are
warnings, ignore them and click Next.
5. Enter the product key and click Next.
6. Accept the License terms and click Next.
7. Add the current node to the cluster you created and click Next.
8. Select the virtual cluster IP in the Cluster Node Configuration screen. Click Next.
9. Enter the domain password for the SQL Server database engine and SQL Server Agent. Click Next.
10. Check the Error Reporting option and click Next.
11. Make sure that the Add Node Rules does not display any failures. Click Next.
12. Click Install to add the secondary node to the cluster.
13. The installation progress is displayed on the screen. Click Next when the installation completes. The
installation summary screen is displayed.
14. Click Close to complete adding the node to the cluster. The Failover Cluster Manager in the Server
Manager should display two nodes — Cluster 1 and Cluster 2.
Post Clustering Procedure
This section discusses the various steps you need to perform after you complete the cluster setup. These
steps enable your cluster to function smoothly without any issues.
Follow the steps given below:
1. In both the cluster nodes, make sure that the SQL Server Services are started up with the domain
2. Launch the SQL Server Configuration Manager and select SQL Server Services SQL Server. Right
click and select Properties.
3. Check the domain credentials and click OK.
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