5. After the servers are added, click Next to continue. You are prompted to validate your cluster. Select
No since your cluster is validated.
6. Select the second option on the screen and click Next to continue.
7. Provide a name for the cluster and an IP for administering the cluster. The name you provide is to
administer the cluster. This should not be the same as the name of the SQL Cluster resource that you
will create later. Enter WINCLUSTER as the name of the cluster and enter the IP address. Click Next
to continue.
NOTE: This is also the computer name that you need to provide permission for the File Share
Majority Quorum, that is described later in this document. For more information, see
Implementing a Node and File Share Majority Quorum.
8. Confirm and click Next.
The cluster forming progress is displayed on the screen. If you have performed all the steps correctly,
then the cluster formation is successful. If you see the yellow warning symbol on the screen, then it
indicates that the cluster formation was successful, but with warnings
9. Click View Report to view the warnings while forming the cluster. The report is displayed with
warning messages highlighted in yellow.
10. Ignore the warning messages and click Finish to complete the cluster formation process.
Implementing a Node and File Share Majority Quorum
A quorum is a design to handle the scenario when there is a problem with communication between sets
of cluster nodes, so that two servers do not try to simultaneously host a resource group and write to the
same disk at the same time. By having this concept of quorum, the cluster will force the cluster service to
stop in one of the subsets of nodes to ensure that there is only one true owner of a particular resource
group. The Node and File Share Majority quorum configuration is usually used in multi-site clusters. This
configuration is used when there is an even number of nodes in the cluster, so it can be used
interchangeably with the Node and Disk Majority quorum mode. In this configuration every node gets 1
vote, and additionally 1 remote file share gets 1 vote.
To configure a Node and File Share Majority Quorum:
1. Select the VM identified for creation of the quorum folder, and create a folder called Quorum and
share the folder location.
2. Right click on the Quorum folder and select Share with Specific people.
3. In the File Sharing window, select Everyone. Select the Read/Write permission and click Share.
The folder is shared as \\<Name of the VM>\Quorum.
4. You now need to change your quorum type. Launch the Server Manager on the primary node, and
select Failover Cluster Manager under Features.
5. Right click on your cluster and select More Actions Configure Cluster Quorum Settings.
6. Select the Node and File Share Majority (for clusters with special configurations) option and click
7. Enter the path of the shared folder that you have created on the third VM and click Next.
8. Confirm the shared folder location and click Next.
The quorum settings for the cluster are successfully configured.
9. Click Finish to complete the process and view the quorum configuration for the cluster.
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