12. Enter the IP address, Subnet mask, Default gateway and the Preferred DNS server. Click OK.
13. Repeat steps 10 and 11 for the Private network.
14. Make sure that the Private network contains only the IP address and Subnet mask. The Default
Gateway or DNS Servers should not be defined.
15. Make sure that the servers can communicate acoss this network so that the nodes can communicate
with each other across the network.
16. Launch the Server Manager from Start Administrative Tools. Select Features.
17. Click Add Features to launch the Add Features wizard.
18. Select Failover Clustering and click Next.
19. Make sure that the Failover Clustering option appears in the Confirm Installation Selections screen.
Click Install. The installation progress is displayed.
20. After installation completes, check the installation results and click Close.
After the Failover Clustering installation is complete, reboot the server.
Validating a Configuration
After you install Failover Clustering, you must validate the configuration on the primary node. To validate
the configuration:
1. Launch the Server Manager of the primary node from Start Administrative Tools.
2. Select Failover Cluster Manager under Features.
3. Click Validate a Configuration to launch the wizard.
4. Click Next to add the primary and secondary nodes.
5. Enter the hostname of the primary node.
6. Click Add to select the servers. The screen displays the following message while adding the servers:
“The operation is taking longer than expected”. You need to wait for a few minutes for the servers to
be added.
7. After the servers are selected, they are displayed under Selected Servers. Click Next.
8. A multi-site cluster does not need to pass the storage validation . To skip the storage validation
process click Run only the tests I select and click Next.
9. In the Test Selection screen, uncheck the Storage option and click Next to continue.
The Confirmation screen is displayed.
10. Click Next to start running the validation tests on the primary and secondary nodes (in this case
cluster1 and cluster2). The status of the validation tests are displayed on the screen.
11. View the validation summary and click Finish.
Creating a Cluster on the Primary Node
After you install and validate the Failover Cluster Manager feature on the primary node, you can create a
To create a cluster on the primary node:
1. Launch Server Manager on the primary node, select Failover Cluster Manager under Features, and
click Create a Cluster.
2. Click Next on the wizard.
3. Click Next to continue and in the Select Servers screen, enter the hostname of the primary node,
and click Add to add the server
4. Enter the name of the secondary node and click Add.
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