10. Click Next to begin the installation.
The installation progress is displayed on the screen and after installation is complete, you are prompted
to restart your system.
Restart the system for the system changes to take effect.
Upgrading WDM
The current version of WDM supports an upgrade from WDM version 4.9.1 only. You cannot upgrade
from any other version. If you are running an older version of WDM, you must first upgrade to version
4.9.1 and then upgrade to the latest version.
NOTE: After you upgrade to WDM version 5.0, you must upgrade all devices with the latest HAgent
packages available to make sure your devices can be managed using WDM. For more information,
see the WDM 5.0 Release Notes.
Before you upgrade, make sure you apply the following patches on the WDM 4.9.1 installation:
• WDM_4.9.1_HF04091034412_1
• WDM_4.9.1_HF04091013717_2
• WDM_4.9.1_HF04091025213_3
• WDM_4.9.1_HF04091031613_4
To upgrade to WDM version 5.0:
1. Extract the contents of the WDM installer on the system where you have installed WDM version
2. Navigate to the folder where you have extracted the installer and run Setup.exe.
The Welcome screen is displayed.
3. Click Next.
The Component Information screen is displayed with the list of components that need to be
4. Click Next.
The Security Information screen is displayed.
5. Read the Security Information carefully and click Next.
The upgrade process begins.
NOTE: The Security Information prompts you to configure the Secure Communications on
your system. For more information, see Configuring Secure Communications.
6. After the upgrade process is complete, click Restart Now for the system changes to take effect
before you start using WDM.
Configuring Secure Communications
Configuring Secure Communication using SSL:
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