9. If you have selected the second option in step 7, then provide the following details:
a. Server — Provide the IP address of the system on which you have installed Microsoft SQL Server.
b. Port — This is entered by default and the port number is 1433
c. Username — Enter the user name to connect to the existing database.
d. Password — Enter the password to access the database.
e. Click Next.
10. Provide the installation path and click Next. The summary screen is displayed.
11. Click Next to begin the installation.
The installation progress is displayed on the screen and after installation is complete, you are prompted
to restart your system.
Restart the system for the system changes to take effect.
Installing Management Server/Other Services/Management Console
You can install the Management Server, Other Services, and Management Console on the same system or
on different systems.
To install these components:
1. Extract the contents of the WDM installer on the system where you want to install the WDM
2. Navigate to the folder where you have extracted the installer and run Setup .exe.
The Welcome screen is displayed.
3. Click Next.
4. Select Enterprise as the License Type.
a. If you have the WDM License key, select the I have WDM Enterprise License Key option and enter
the license key in the space provided.
b. If you do not have the License key, select the 30–days Enterprise Evaluation option.
The license key is entered by default. However, after the 30 days evaluation period, you need to
obtain the license key and re-install WDM.
5. Click Next.
The Components screen is displayed.
6. Select Management Server, Other Services, and Management Console. If you are installing each of
these components on separate system, you can select them one by one after following steps 1 to 5
given above.
7. Click Next to specify the WDM Database details.
8. In the Configure Database screen specify the following details:
a. Select the Authentication Method. SQL Server Authentication is selected by default. Select
Windows Authentication if you want to connect to the WDM Database (RapportDB) using your
Windows login credentials.
b. If the WDM database is created on SQL Server, then provide only the server name. If the WDM
database is created on SQL Server Express, then provide the server name and the database
instance name. For example, TESTVM1\RapportDB.
c. Enter the user name and the password to access the WDM Database.
d. Click Next.
9. In the Services screen, only the ThreadX Service is enabled and selected by default. You can select
the other options and click Next.
10. Provide the installation path and click Next. The summary screen is displayed with the components
you have selected.
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