9. If you have selected the second option in step 7, then provide the following details:
a. Server — Provide the IP address of the system on which you have installed Microsoft SQL Server.
b. Port — This is entered by default and the port number is 1433
c. Username — Enter the user name to connect to the existing database.
d. Password — Enter the password to access the database.
10. Click Next. The Configure Software Repository Server screen is displayed.
11. Enter the authentication details for the Software Repository:
a. Configure New Repository Server — select this option if you want the installer to configure the
repository server. You can create a new user or use an existing user.
b. Use Existing Repository Server — select this option if you have already configured the Repository
c. Enter Protocols — Select the protocol and settings to distribute software to the managed
devices. HTTPS is selected by default. You can also select FTP and CIFS.
d. Authentication Type — Windows is selected by default. You can also select Basic.
e. Username — Rapport is displayed by default. You can change this. If you select the Use Existing
Repository User option, enter the user name of the existing user.
f. Password — Enter the password to access the repository.
g. Confirm Password — If you are creating a new user, enter the password again.
12. Click Next to install the other services.
13. DHCP Proxy is selected by default. Select the other services if required. Click Next.
14. Provide the installation path and click Next. The summary screen is displayed.
15. Click Next to begin the installation.
The installation progress is displayed on the screen and after installation is complete, you are prompted
to restart your system.
Restart the system for the system changes to take effect.
Installing WDM in a Distributed Setup
You can split the WDM components and install them on different systems. This setup is called a
distributed setup of WDM. Ideally you can split the components as follows:
WDM Database
WDM Management Server, WDM Management Console, and Other Services
WDM Software Repository.
You can also have multiple instances of WDM Management Server and Other Services installed on
different systems to enable load balancing. For more information, see Configuring the Load Balancing
Installing WDM in a distributed setup is most suitable in a large enterprise where you are managing a large
number of devices. This section describes in detail the following:
Installing the WDM Database
Installing Management Server
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