The installation progress is displayed on the screen and after installation is complete, you are prompted
to restart your system.
Restart the system for the system changes to take effect.
Installing the WDM Enterprise Edition
The WDM Enterprise Edition has all the features of WDM and you can install all the components on a
single system or on different systems.
Make sure you have met all the pre-requisites. For more information, see Prerequisites.
To install the Enterprise Edition:
1. Extract the contents of the WDM installer on the system where you want to install WDM.
2. Navigate to the folder where you have extracted the installer and run Setup .exe.
The Welcome screen is displayed.
3. Click Next.
4. Select Enterprise as the License Type.
a. If you have the WDM License key, select the I have WDM Enterprise License Key option and enter
the license key in the space provided.
b. If you do not have the License key, select the 30–days Enterprise Evaluation option.
The license key is entered by default. However, after the 30 days evaluation period, you need to
obtain the license key and add it to WDM. For more information on adding the license key, see
the Dell Wyse Device Manager Administrator’s Guide.
5. Click Next.
6. Select the components you want to install and click Next.
You can install all the components on the same system or each component on a different system.
NOTE: If you are installing the components separately on different systems, make sure you
install the Database first. If you do not install the database, you cannot install the remaining
7. In the Configure Database screen, you can choose one of the following options:
Install New Database Server (Microsoft SQL Express 2008 R2) — Select this option if you do not
have any supported version of Microsoft SQL Server installed on the system. Proceed to step 8.
Use Existing Database Server (SQL Server Express or full ) — Select this option if you have
already installed a supported version of Microsoft SQL Server on the system. Proceed to step 9.
For more information on supported SQL version, see Software Requirements.
8. Provide the RapportDB database credentials. RapportDB is the WDM database instance that is
created on SQL Server.
a. SQL Server Authentication is selected by default. Select Windows Authentication if you want to
connect to the WDM database (RapportDB) using your Windows login credentials.
NOTE: Even if you choose Windows Authentication, the WDM installation always requires
the SQL Authentication to access the SQL database. In a standalone installation, after you
complete the WDM database installation, the WDM Installer takes care of assigning the
Active Directory user to the database and the same user is used for installing the WDM
b. Username — The default username is rapport. You can retain the default or change the user
c. Password — Enter the password to connect to the database.
d. Confirm Password — If you are creating a new user, enter the password again.
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