Installing Dell Wyse Device Manager
This section guides you through the complete WDM installation procedures. WDM consists of the
following components:
• Database
Management Server
Software Repository
Other Services
Management Console
You can install all the components on the same system or you can have a distributed setup where each
component is installed on different systems.
You can install WDM in two flavours:
Enterprise Edition
This edition needs a specific license key and comes packaged with all the features of WDM. You can
manage a very large number of thin client devices using this edition. You can install this edition in a
distributed environment and can install every component on different systems.
Workgroup Edition
This edition consists of a free license key and certain features of WDM are disabled. You can manage
upto 10,000 thin client devices using this edition. You must install all the components in the same
system and you cannot have a distributed setup with this edition.
NOTE: You cannot install WDM on servers running other services such as the DNS, or DHCP, AD
Domain Services or other services that conflict with the WDM functionality and resources.
NOTE: To run the WDM Installer (Setup.exe), you must log in to the system as an Administrator.
NOTE: When you are installing the WDM database in a standalone or a distributed setup, and want
to use an existing SQL database, make sure that it is a full version of SQL Server and not SQL Server
Installing the WDM Workgroup Edition
Before you begin the Installer make sure that you have met all the prerequisites. For more information,
see Prerequisites.
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