Supported clients running Dell Wyse Enhanced Windows Embedded Standard 7P provide access to applications, files, and network
resources within Citrix, Microsoft, VMware and Dell vWorkspace environments, and other leading infrastructures. The thin client
contains a full featured Internet Explorer browser and thin client emulation software called Ericom — PowerTerm Session Manager.
Other locally installed software permits remote administration of the thin clients and provides local maintenance functions. Additional
add-ons are available that support a wide range of specialty peripherals and features for environments that needs a secure Windows
user interface with 32–bit and 64–bit Windows compatibility.
Your thin client supports Microsoft Silverlight, Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ), Microsoft Lync VDI 2013 plug-in and
Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 or later versions. For more information about Microsoft software components, go to
About this Guide
This guide is intended for administrators using Wyse 5060 thin clients that has Dell Wyse Enhanced Windows Embedded Standard
7P as the operating system. It provides information and detailed system configurations to help you design and manage a WES7P
client environment.
Supported Platforms
This guide is intended for Wyse 5060 thin client running WES7P (64–bit).
Finding the Information You Need in this Guide
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Technical Support
To access technical resources self-service portal, knowledge base, software downloads, registration, warranty extensions/ RMAs,
reference manuals, and so on, visit www.dell.com/wyse/support. For Customer Support, visit www.dell.com/support/
contents/us/en/19/article/Contact-Information/International-Support-Services/international-contact-center?ref=contactus, and
phone numbers for Basic and Pro Support are available at www.dell.com/supportcontacts.
NOTE: Before proceeding, verify if your product has a Dell service tag. For Dell service tagged products, go to
www.dell.com/support/contents/us/en/19/article/Product-Support/Dell-Subsidiaries/wyse for more information.
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