Block remote input on local activity
No local input during client sessions.
5. In the Main server port box, select or type 5900.
6. In the web access port box, select or type 5800.
7. In the Screen poling cycle box, select or type 1000.
8. Click OK.
For security, it is highly recommended that the Primary Password be changed for administrator use only immediately
upon receipt of the Thin Client.
WDM Software for Remote Administration
WDM servers provide network management services to the thin client complete user-desktop control—with features such as
remote shadow, reboot, shutdown, boot, rename, automatic device check-in support, Wake-On-LAN, change device properties, and
so on With WDM you can manage all of your network devices from one simple-to-use console
For local custom fields that can be accessed by WDM, see Dell Wyse Custom Fields.
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