IP address or valid DNS name of the thin client to be shadow, operate or monitor. For more information, see Using the Dell Thin
Client Application.
Primary password of the thin client to shadow, operate or monitor. For more information, see Configuring TightVNC Server
Properties on the Thin Client.
To obtain the IP address of the administrator’s thin client, move the pointer over the TightVNC icon in the taskbar.
To configure TightVNC Server, the Default primary password is DELL.
TightVNC (Server and Viewer)
To configure or reset a thin client from a remote location, use TightVNC (Server and Viewer). TightVNC is primarily intended for
support and troubleshooting purposes.
Install TightVNC locally on the thin client. After installation, it allows the thin client to be shadowed, operated and monitored from a
remote device.
TightVNC Server starts automatically as a service upon thin client startup. The initialization of TightVNC Server can also be
controlled by using the Services window by this procedure:
To open TightVNC Server window, click Start All Programs TightVNC TightVNC Server (Service Mode)
TightVNC Viewer is available from TightVNC website.
TightVNC is included in WDM software as a component.
TightVNC Viewer must be installed on a shadowing or remote machine before use.
If you want to permanently save the state of the service, be sure to flush the files of the File Based Write Filter during the
current system session.
Configuring TightVNC Server Properties on the Thin Client
To Configure the TightVNC Server Properties on the Thin Client.
1. To open the TightVNC Server Configuration (offline) dialog box, click StartProgramTightVNC Server (Application
Mode) TightVNC Server Offline Configuration.
TightVNC Server Configuration (offline) dialog box is displayed.
2. In the Server tab, set the Primary password or View-only password. Use this password while shadowing the thin client.
Default password is DELL.
3. In the Server tab, select the following check boxes:
Accept incoming connections
Require VNC authentication
Enable file transfers
Hide desktop wallpaper
Show icon in the notification area
Serve Java Viewer to web clients
Use mirror driver if available
Grab transparent windows.
4. In the Server tab , retain the following check boxes blank:
Block remote input events
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