Portuguese Brazilian—pt-BR
Imaging Support using WDM/USB
Use WDM or USB imaging tool to image the Wyse 5060 thin clients running WES7P unified build.
Unified build contains the language metadata in the Merlin partition. Imaging the unified build results in the same MUI language that
is available in Merlin. To change the language, do the following:
1. Click StartComputerC:\WindowsSetupTools.
The LanguageConfig application is available in the Tools folder.
2. Double-click the LanguageConfig application.
The Language Config window is displayed.
3. Select any one of the following languages as per your requirement and then click Apply.
• German—de-DE
• Spanish—es-ES
French France—fr-FA
French Canadian—fr-CA
• Italian—it-IT
• Japanese—ja-JP
• Korean—ko-KR
Chinese Simplified—zh-CN
Chinese Traditional—zh-TW
• English—en-US
Portuguese Brazilian—pt-BR
4. Run Sysprep or push the unified build again to reflect the language changes. Changing the language writes the language
metadata to the Merlin partition. The thin client boots up with the desired language that you have selected in the tool.
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