User Accounts
To manage users and groups, go to Start Control Panel User Accounts.
The following tasks can be performed in the User Accounts window:
Change your password
Remove your password
Change your picture.
For more information, refer Managing Users and Groups with User Accounts.
Windows Defender
To scan your thin clients and protect against spyware and malware, click Scan Now in the Window Defender window. To open
Windows Defender window, go to Start Control Panel Windows Defender.
To configure and manage the anti-spyware and anti-malware software settings, click Options in the Tools and Settings console. To
open Options console, go to Start Control Panel Windows Defender Tools Options.
Windows Defender Auto Update
This auto update feature is provided for Windows defender to update on every second Sunday of the month. By default.
this auto update is set at 1:00 A.M. However. reboot has to be done manually or an Administrator has to initiate reboot
from management server every month on the second Sunday after 30 minutes from the auto update start time, to reflect
defender updates.
The auto update process runs in background and notification on the auto update progress is not displayed on the screen.
About Threat Defense
Dell Data Protection | Threat Defense (powered by Cylance) is an advanced threat prevention solution deployed to prevent damage
that malware causes to thin client. This solution stops malicious files, and other malicious active scripts from getting executed. The
threat prevention solution can be centrally managed using cloud-based console. Constant internet connection is not required and
this solution protects your thin client from malware attacks even when you are offline. For more information about Threat Defense,
refer to the Dell Data Protection - Threat Defense Administrator Guide.
Introduction to Unified Build
The WES7P v9.07 unified build is a 64-bit image that supports English (en-US) and the following languages:
• German—de-DE
• Spanish—es-ES
French France—fr-FA
French Canadian—fr-CA
• Italian—it-IT
• Japanese—ja-JP
• Korean—ko-KR
Chinese Simplified—zh-CN
Chinese Traditional—zh-TW
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