2. Change Adapter Settings click the Change Adapter Settings link:
Click Organize to open the list of options you can use to organize your network connections.
Select a connection to display the list of command buttons you can use to view the status, connect to, enable, disable,
diagnose, rename, and change thesettings of the connection.
3. Change Advanced Sharing Settings (click the Change Advanced Sharing Settings link): Select the network profile settings
you want for each of your networks.
Realtek HD Audio Manager
To manage your audio and audio devices, go to Realtek HD Audio Manager dialog box. Use the Volume icon in the taskbar to adjust
the volume. Click the Volume icon to open the master volume control. Power speakers are recommended.
Setting Region and Language
To select your regional formats including keyboard and Windows Display languages, use the Region and Language dialog box.
To select your regional formats:
1. Log in as an Administrator.
2. On the taskbar, click StartControl PanelRegion and Language.
The Region and Language dialog box is displayed.
3. In the Formats tab, you can format the language, date and time.
a. Further to make additional formats, click Additional Settings.
The Customize Format window is displayed.
Numbers, Currency, Time and Date are formatted.
b. Click OK after customizing.
4. In the Location tab, you are provided with additional content for a particular location such as news and weather.
5. In the Keyboards and Languages tab, you can change your keyboard or input language and install or uninstall languages that
Windows can use to display text and where supported recognize speech and handwriting.
6. In the Administrative tab, you can change system locale and copy settings.
Sounds and Audio Devices
To manage your audio devices, go to Sound dialog box.
The following configurations can be made in the following tabs:
Playback : Select a playback device to modify its settings. After the changes are made, click Apply.
Recording : Select a recording device to modify its settings. After the changes are made, click Apply.
Sounds : A sound theme is a set of sounds applied to events in Windows and programs. You can select an existing scheme or
save one you have modified. After the changes are made, click Apply.
Communications : Windows can automatically adjust the volume of different sounds when you are using your PC to place or
receive phone calls.
Select any one of the radio button as per your requirement, when Windows detects communication activity:
Mute all other sounds
Reduce the volumes of other sounds by 80%
Reduce the volumes of other sounds by 50%
Do nothing
Volume can also be adjusted using the Volume icon in the system tray of the taskbar. Powered speakers are recommended.
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