Display: Dual Monitor Display
To configure the dual monitor settings, go to Start Control PanelDisplayChange Display Settings. The configurations
are made in the Screen Resolution window and it is applicable for Dual-Monitor capable thin clients only.
For more information, refer www.microsoft.com.
For more information on Multi-Display, Multi-Touch and Dual-Monitor Supported thin-client devices, refer www.dell.com/wyse/
Tip: While configuring Dual-Monitor settings, set the same screen resolution for both the monitors.
Display: Rotation
To configure the display rotation feature, do the following:
1. On the taskbar, click StartAll ProgramsAMD Catalyst Control CenterAMD Catalyst Control Center.
The AMD Catalyst Control Center window is displayed.
2. In the upper-right corner of the window, click Preferences.
3. From the drop-down menu, click Hotkeys.
The Hotkeys Manager dialog box is displayed.
4. Select the Enable Hotkeys feature check box.
5. From the List Hotkeys drop-down list, select Creating and Arranging Desktops.
The available Hotkeys actions that can be configured are listed.
6. Select the preferred rotation action check box for which you want to assign the Hotkey, and then click Edit.
The Edit Hotkeys dialog box is displayed.
7. From the drop-down list, select the modifier keys to associate with Hotkey.
8. Use the keyboard arrow buttons to associate with the selected modifier keys.
NOTE: White space Character cannot be used as a Hotkey.
9. Click OK to activate the Hotkey feature.
For more information, go to answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-desktop/how-torotate-screen-in-
Network and Sharing Center: Wireless Local Area Network
If Dell Wyse supported WLAN hardware modules are installed on the thin client, clicking the Network and Sharing Center icon in
the Control Panel allows you to:
1. Manage Wireless Networks (click the Manage Wireless Networks link):
Add —Click Add to open and use the wizard to add a wireless network to edit an existing wireless network, right-click it,
and then select Properties to open and use the Network Properties dialog box.
Adapter Properties —Click Adapter Properties to open and use the properties dialog box for the wireless adapter.
Profile Types —Click Profile Types to open and use a dialog box to the enable or disable the ability to create Per User
Network and Sharing Center - Click Network Sharing Center to return to the Network and Sharing Center dialog box
provides network settings, and gives access to network settings.
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