NOTE: The information shown in the dialog box varies for different thin client devices and software releases.
When you log in as a user, only few tabs such as Client Information, QFE, Installed Products, WDM Packages, Copyrights/
Patents and About and Support are displayed.
Using the Citrix Receiver
Citrix Receiver is a server-based computing technology that separates the logic of an application from its user interface. The Citrix
Receiver client software installed on the thin client device allows the user to interact with the application GUI, while all of the
application processes are executed on the server.
Citrix Receiver session services can be made available on the network using either Windows 2008/2012 Server with Terminal
Services and one of the following installed:
XenDesktop 7.5
XenDesktop 7.6
XenDesktop 7.8
XenDesktop 7.9
NOTE: If you use a Windows 2003/2008 Server or Citrix XenApp 5.0 with Windows Server 2008, a Terminal Services
Client Access License (TSCAL) server must also be accessible on the network. The server grants a temporary license,
which expires after 120 days. After the temporary license expires, purchase and install the TSCALs on the server. You
cannot make a connection without a temporary or permanent license.
To access the Citrix Receiver session:
On the Thin Client Administrator desktop, double-click the Citrix Receiver icon.
Click the Start button on the taskbar, click All Programs, and then click Citrix Receiver on the Programs Menu.
For information about configuring the Citrix receiver, go to www.citrix.com, and then refer to Citrix Documentation.
Using Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect
Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect maximizes the value of Terminal Servers (RDS), Virtual desktops (VDI), Web applications, cloud
services, and legacy host systems. For IT departments of all sizes, PowerTerm WebConnect streamlines the management and
utilization of IT resources, while protecting past IT investments and significantly improving the end user-experience.
You can access the Ericom Power Term WebConnect either as a stand-alone application or on a network.
1. Accessing Ericom Power Term WebConnect as a stand-alone:
a. Log in as a user or administrator.
b. Double-click PtStart icon on the desktop.
The Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect window is displayed.
c. Enter IP Address in the Server Address field, and click OK.
When you start accessing it for the first time PtStart.exe file is generated and then Power Term WebConnect Login
window is displayed. Else, Power Term WebConnect Login window is displayed.
PtStart.exe file provides the details regarding the server IP address, the folder in which it is installed and the path to reach
the folder.
d. In the Power Term WebConnect Login window, enter your credentials, and click Login.
For example: User Name : administrator@domain.com.
Password: ******
DELL – Ericom Application Zone window is displayed.
e. In the DELL – Ericom Application Zone window, published applications such as Blaze demo server, RDP demo server,
Ericom server and Paint are displayed.
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