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Turning RT-N13U into a mobile router
Turn RT-N13U into a mobile router through a 3G USB adapter.
• Only the H/W Version B1 model supports the mobile router feature. Check the bottom of the
router for its H/W version.
• The 3G USB adapter is purchased separately. Obtain a list of supported 3G USB adapters
from the ASUS website at www.asus.com.
To set up RT-N13U as a mobile router:
1. Activate your 3G USB dongle.
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access the Internet through the 3G USB dongle.
Refer to the documentation that came with your 3G USB dongle or contact your ISP (Internet
Service Provider) for instructions on how to activate it and access the Internet through it.
3. Remove the 3G adapter from your computer.
4. Set the operation mode selector at the bottom of your router to Router.
Router AP
RT-N13U (bottom panel)
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