Getting Started
This section describes the activities that you must perform to start using your thin client:
To get started using your thin client, see:
Logging On, see Logging On
Using your Desktop, see Using your Desktop
Before Configuring Your Thin Clients, see Before Configuring Your Thin Client
Connecting to a Printer, see Connecting to a Printer
Connecting to a Monitor, see Connecting to a Monitor
Logging Off, see Logging Off
NOTE: While it can be used in environments without central configuration for basic connectivity
needs, supported clients are designed to be centrally managed and configured using network and
session services.
In general, we recommend you use central configuration to automatically push updates and enable
any desired default configuration to all thin client in your environment, see Using Dynamic Host
Configuration (DHCP).
To save any configurations you make on a thin client to persist after a thin client reboot, be sure to
disable the File Based Write Filter before your configurations to the thin client, and then enable the
File Based Write Filter after your configurations. For more information, see Before Configuring Your
Thin Clients.
Logging On
The initial display that you see when you turn on your thin client or during the reboot of your thin client
depends on the administrator configurations. After creating user account, an administrator can configure
that particular user account to log in automatically or require manual login with user credentials. For
more information, see Dell Wyse Winlog: Automatic Logon Using Winlog.
For information about creating and managing user accounts, see Managing Users and Groups with User
Automatic and Manual logon
For security reasons, automatic logon to a User desktop is enabled on the Thin client by default.
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