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Changing the Computer Name of a thin client
Administrators can change the computer name of a thin client. The computer name information and the
Terminal Services Client Access License (TSCAL) are preserved regardless of the Unified Write Filter state
that is either enabled or disabled. This maintains the specific computer identity information and facilitates
the image management of the thin client .
To change the computer name of a thin client :
1. Log in as an administrator.
2. On the Start menu, click Control PanelSystem.
The System window is displayed.
3. In the Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings section, click Change Settings.
The System Properties dialog box is displayed.
4. click Change tab to rename the computer name.
5. In the computer name window, type the name for the thin client in the Computer name box, and
then click OK.
6. In the confirmation dialog box, click OK to restart for applying the changes.
7. Click Close, and then Restart Now to apply the changes.
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