To connect to the WDM server after a failed attempt, enter the Interval Between Retry
Attempts that is the number of seconds between attempts.
c. Configure the Discovery settings:
Select the Use all configured automatic discovery methods check box if you want to enable
all of the following methods — they are used if they are configured. For more information on
setting up the discovery options, see WDM Installation Guide.
Select DNS Hostname Record (Dynamic Discovery) to allow devices to use the DNS
Hostname lookup method to discover a WDM Server.
Select DNS SRV Record (Dynamic Discovery) Allows devices to use the DNS SRV record
lookup method to discover a WDM Server.
Select DHCP Option Tags (Dynamic Discovery) to allow devices to use DHCP option tags to
discover a WDM Server.
Select Manual Discovery using Find Devices in Management Console — (Manual Discovery
from WDM) if no Dynamic Discovery method is used. You can use the Find Devices dialog box
to discover devices from WDM. WDM Agents respond to the server discovery by storing the
discovered Web Server IP address and port and begin regular check-ins.
Enter the number of Missed check-ins after which you want the auto-discovery options
3. Click OK to save the settings.
Wyse Configuration Manager provides a simple solution to create and apply configuration files to
supported thin-client devices.
To configure the files created by the WCM application in the thin-client device, go to WCM if it is installed
as an add-on.
If installed as an addon. you can use the WCM Client to apply configuration files.
For more information, see WCM Administrator’s Guide.
Windows Defender
To scan your thin clients and protect against spyware and malware, click Scan Now in the Window
Defender window. To open Windows Defender window, go to Start Control Panel Windows
To configure and manage the anti-spyware and anti-malware software settings, click Options in the
Tools and Settings console. To open Options console, go to Start Control Panel Windows
Defender Tools Options.
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