Device Manger: Bluetooth Wireless Connections
You can access Bluetooth- enabled devices in your thin-client device, if your thin-client has optional
Wireless Bluetooth capability.
1. To manage an existing Bluetooth device :
a. Go to Start Control Panel Device Manager
b. Click Bluetooth Radios.
c. To manage an existing Bluetooth device, double-click on the Bluetooth icon
You can update drivers using the Driver tab
2. To add Bluetooth- enabled device:
a. Go to Start Control PanelDevices and Printers
Devices and Printers window is displayed
b. Click Add a Device.
c. Turn on the Bluetooth — enabled devcie and ensure that the device is discoverable.
d. When the device is discoverable by the thin-client device, click Next and follow the wizard.
NOTE: Be sure to disable the File Based Write Filter and to configure NetXClean to refrain from
clearing up your settings. For more information, see Before Configuring Your Thin Client
Connecting to a Printer or an External Device
To connect a parallel printer to your thin client device through a USB port, make sure that you have a
USB -to-parallel printer adapter cable. You also need to install the driver for the printer by following the
printer driver installation instructions.
To connect to the printer, you add the printer to the thin client by using the Add Printer wizard. For more
information see Adding Printers.
If you want to connect to an external device, you add the device to the thin client. For more information,
see Adding Devices.
Adding Printer
To add a printer to the thin client:
1. Click the Devices and Printers icon in Control Panel and open the Devices and Printers window.
2. To open and use the Add a Printer wizard, click Add a Printer.
A universal print driver is installed on the thin client to support text-only printing to a local printer. To
print full text and graphics to a local printer, install the driver provided by the manufacturer according
to the instructions.
Printing to network printers from Citrix Receiver, Remote Desktop Connection, or VMware Horizon
View applications can be achieved through printer drivers on the servers.
Printing to a local printer from Citrix Receiver, Remote Desktop Connection, or VMware Horizon
View application using the printer drivers of the server produces full text and graphics functionality
from the printer. Install the printer driver on the server, and the text only driver on the thin client
according to the following procedure:
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