If you log in as User, the User Desktop is displayed. You can find the following applications or elements
on your desktop:
Taskbar— Full User taskbar.
Connection Icons— Connection icons such as VMware Horizon Client, Citrix Receiver, Remote
Desktop Connection, Ptstart, and vWorkspace.
Start Menu — Click the Start button to open the start menu for users.
User System Tray.
For more options, see Notable Administrator Features.
Before Configuring Your Thin Clients
File Based Write Filter Utility and NetXClean Utility are meant to protect your thin clients. These utilities
prevent your thin client configurations from persisting after log off and restart. The local settings and
profile configurations you set are removed by utilities. These utilities prevent undesired flash memory
writes and clean-up extraneous information from being stored on the local disk.
However, there are instances where administrators want configurations to persist even after logoff and
restarting a thin client.
To help you to easily configure and manage multiple thin clients, use products such as Wyse USB
Firmware Tool and WDM.
Working with the File Based Write Filter Utility
The File Based Write Filter provides a secure environment for thin client computing by protecting the thin
client from undesired flash memory writes. Changes made to the thin client configurations are lost when
the thin client is restarted unless the files of the File Based Write Filter cache are cleared during the
current system session.
Use the following guidelines to configure the File Based Write Filter Utility:
1. Log in as Administrator.
If automatic logon to a user desktop is enabled, you must log off the user desktop and log in as an
administrator. For more information, see Logging On.
2. To disable the File Based Write Filter, double-click the FBWF Disable icon in red color on your
This disables the File Based Write Filter and reboots your thin client.
3. Configure the thin client as per your requirements.
4. After you configure the thin client, to enable the FBWF, double-click the FBWF Enable icon in green
color on your desktop.
This enables the File Based Write Filter and reboots your thin client.
Your configurations on the thin client are saved and they will persist after a thin client device reboot.
For more information about the File Based Write Filter, see Using the File Based Write Filter.
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