3-1ASUS LCD Monitor VP228 Series
3.1 OSD (On-Screen Display) menu
3.1.1 Howtoreconigure
Reading Mode
Darkroom Mode
Scenery Mode
sRGB Mode
Game Mode
Night View Mode
Theater Mode
Standard Mode
Standard Mode VGA 1920x1080@60Hz
1. Press the MENU button to activate the OSD menu.
2. Press the and buttons to toggle between options in the
Menu. As you move from one icon to another, the option name is
3. To select the highlighted item on the menu press the button.
4. Press the and buttons to select the desired parameter.
5. Press the button to enter the slide bar and then use the or
buttons, according to the indicators on the menu, to make your
6. Select the to return to previous menu or to accept and return to
previous menu.
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