Problem Possible Cause Solution
I cannot connect a
Bluetooth headset to
the handset.
(For KX-TCA285/
The Bluetooth headset or the
Bluetooth function of the handset
is off.
RConfirm that the Bluetooth
headset is turned on.
RConfirm that the Bluetooth setting
of the handset is turned on.
For details, see "Turning
Bluetooth On or Off" on Page 42.
A connection or registration error
has occurred.
RIf the Bluetooth headset is
already registered to another
Bluetooth device such as a cell
phone, disconnect the Bluetooth
headset from the cell phone, and
then perform the connection
procedure from the handset.
RThe Bluetooth headset is not
registered to the handset.
Register the Bluetooth headset.
For details, see "Registering a
Bluetooth Headset" on Page 42.
Some Bluetooth
headset features are
not functioning.
(For KX-TCA285/
The handset does not support
enhanced features such as last
number redial or call reject.
An error tone is heard
when I try to connect
a Bluetooth device to
the handset.
(For KX-TCA285/
The Bluetooth function is not
RThe Bluetooth function cannot be
accessed immediately after
turning on the handset. Wait a
few seconds and try again.
RA connection could not be made
between the handset and the
Bluetooth device. Wait a few
seconds and try again.
I cannot remember
the PIN number.
Consult your dealer.
The "Delete All"
operation to delete all
phonebook entries is
not functioning.
Batteries are drained, which
prevents the operation from
being completed.
Charge the battery fully, and then
try again.
For details, see "Charging the
Battery/Batteries" on Page 74.
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