Charger Wall Mounting
1. Install the two screws in the wall, spacing them 25 mm apart.
25 mm
for charger
20 mm (3/4 in)
or longer
2 mm
(1/16 in)
• Recommended screw size is
M4 x 20.
25 mm
(1 in)
(Not supplied)
2. Mount the charger securely on the wall.
RPlease copy this page and use as a reference for wall mounting.
RMake sure to set the print size to correspond with the size of this page. If the dimension of the paper
output still deviates slightly from the measurement indicated here, use the measurement indicated
RWhen mounting the charger, ensure that the correct screws are used for the type of wall.
RMake sure that the wall that the charger will be attached to is strong enough to support the total weight
of the handset and charger (approx. 200 g). If not, it is necessary for the wall to be reinforced.
RWhen this product is no longer in use, make sure to detach it from the wall.
RWhen inserting screws, avoid pipes and electrical cables, etc, that may be present/buried.
RThe screw heads should not be flush to the wall.
RCertain types of wall may require plugs to be anchored in the wall before the screws are inserted.
Installation and Setup
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