Entering Characters
You can enter characters and digits using the dialing keys.
You can select one of 5 character modes by pressing the Right Soft Key while
entering a name. The function icon above the soft key displays the current
character mode.
For available characters, see "Character Mode Table" on Page 59.
To change the character mode while editing a name in the Phonebook, press the
right soft key.
A, a
B, b
C, c
Alphabetic Numeric Extended 1
Example: To enter "Anne" in Alphabet Mode.
RTo switch between uppercase and lowercase, press .
RTo enter a character located on the same dialing key as the previous character, move the cursor by
pressing the Navigator Key , then enter the desired character.
RIf you enter a different character by mistake, press the Navigator Key or to highlight the
character, press to delete it, then enter the correct character.
RTo clear an entire line, press for more than 1 second.
RTo move the cursor, press the Navigator Key , , or .
Using the Handset Phonebook
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