RWhile transferring phonebook data from a cell phone using Bluetooth, the Bluetooth pictograph will not
be displayed on the screen of the handset. See "Display" on Page 23.
Transferring vCard Data using Bluetooth
vCardâ„¢ is a standard file format for an electronic business card. A vCard can include a name and phone
numbers. You can save this vCard data to the handset using Bluetooth wireless transmission.
ROnly version 2.1 of vCard is supported.
RIf both the name and phone number of a phonebook item being transferred corresponds with existing
data in the handset, the phonebook item will not be transferred. Also, phonebook entries without any
phone numbers entered will not be transferred to the handset.
RIf multiple phone numbers exist for one name item, only the first 6 phone numbers received will be
saved. Any numbers beyond the first 6 received will not be saved to the handset.
RPhone numbers that contain more than 32 digits will not be saved to the handset.
RPhonebook names can contain up to 24 characters. Names over 24 characters in length will be
shortened to 24 characters when transferred. Note that if extended characters are used, the length of
the name transferred may be further reduced.
Using the Handset Phonebook
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