Using the Handset Phonebook
Handset Phonebook
You can store up to 500 items with names, phone numbers, and category numbers in the handset for
easy access. You can set unique Ringer/LED/Vibrate patterns for each category to identify incoming
calls. All Phonebook items are stored in alphabetical order. For security purposes, you can lock the
RTo make a call using the Phonebook, see "Using the Handset Phonebook" on Page 35.
RTo search for an item in the Phonebook, see "Searching for an item stored in the Phonebook" on
Page 51.
We recommend that you keep a copy of your Handset Phonebook in case data becomes unrecoverable
due to product malfunction.
Private Ring
You can organize entries in the Phonebook into one of 9 Private Ring Categories. It is possible to set a
different ringer/LED/vibrate pattern*1 for each category. When the displayed Caller ID*2 matches a phone
number or name stored in the Phonebook, the handset rings according to the Private Ring Category
*1 For Ringer/LED/Vibrate patterns, see "Incoming Option" on Page 64.
*2 For Caller ID information, see "Caller ID" on Page 26.
Using the Handset Phonebook
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