Function Keys
Handset functions can be activated through the display key list.
Press the Navigator Key to display the function key list.
1: Redial
Redials the last dialed number.
2: Fwd/DND
Displays and/or sets Call Forwarding and Do Not Disturb.
3: Flash/Recall
Disconnects the current call and allows you to make another call without
hanging up.
4: Auto Answer
Answers an incoming call automatically in Hands-free mode. is
displayed in standby mode.
5: Conference
Establishes a multiple-party conversation.
6: Pause
Inserts a dialing pause.
7: H/S Phonebook
Makes a call using the Handset Phonebook.
8: PBX Phonebook
Makes a call using the PBX System Phonebook.
9: Ext Phonebook
Makes a call using the PBX Extension Phonebook.
0: PBX Program
Enters PBX Personal Programming mode. Press to exit from PBX
Personal Programming mode.
: Incoming Log
Makes a call using the Incoming Call Log.
: Outgoing Log
Makes a call using the Outgoing Call Log.
Shortcut Combinations
Redial H/S Phonebook
Fwd/DND PBX Phonebook
Before Operating the Telephone
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