Handset Functions
Setting the Password
The handset password is not set by default. You must register a handset password (4 digits) before use.
You cannot use the following features without setting a password:
RPhonebook lock (See Page 60.)
R"Manual&Password" or "Auto&Password" for Key lock type (See "Key Option" on Page 66.)
RReset Handset (See "Other Option" on Page 70.)
To set
1. Press or the [CENTER] navigation key.
2. Select "Setting Handset" by pressing the arrow keys, and then press .
3. Select "Other Option" by pressing the arrow keys, and then press .
4. Select "Change Password" by pressing the arrow keys, and then press .
5. Enter a new password (4 digits [0–9]).
6. Verify the password by entering it again as in step 5.
RTo avoid unauthorized access to this product:
Set a password that is random and cannot be easily guessed.
Change the password regularly.
RMake a note of the password so that you will not forget it.
Key Lock
You can lock all keys other than the Navigator Key while the handset is in standby mode. One of 4 key
lock types can be selected. For details, see "Key Option" on Page 66.
To lock
Press and hold or the [CENTER] navigation key for more than 2 seconds to lock the handset
keys. The icon will be displayed to indicate that the keys are locked.
To unlock
To unlock the handset keys, press and hold or the [CENTER] navigation key for more than 2
seconds. The icon will change to to indicate the keys have been unlocked.
RIf you select "Manual&Password" or "Auto&Password" for Key lock type, you need to enter the
password to unlock the handset.
RIf no password has been set, you cannot select "Manual&Password" or "Auto&Password" for Key lock
type. To set the password, see "Setting the Password" on Page 20.
Silent Mode
Silent Mode turns off the ringer and sets the handset to vibrate when calls are received. This can be
useful in situations where you do not want to be disturbed, such as during a meeting.
When Silent Mode is active, the following features are turned off or set as specified automatically,
regardless of their settings.
Before Operating the Telephone
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