ARinger/Charger Indicator
BHeadset Jack (KX-TCA185/KX-TCA285)
The following wired headsets can be used with this unit. (Not all operations with the headsets
can be guaranteed.)
RPanasonic KX-TCA400 and KX-TCA430
The headset is an optional accessory.
For up-to-date information about headsets that have been tested with this unit, please contact
your dealer.
CTALK/SP-PHONE (Speakerphone) Key
Used to make or answer calls, or toggle between Receiver mode and Hands-free mode during a
During a conversation using a wired headset, Hands-free mode does not work.
DNavigator Key
The Navigator Key includes four arrow keys and a center key. The arrow keys are used to adjust
the ringer/receiver volume or move the cursor to select an item. The center key is used to
confirm a selection.
If in standby mode, pressing the keys perform the following functions:
LEFT ( ) ® Used to perform various common functions quickly.
UP ( ) ® Used to display the Incoming call log.
RIGHT ( ) ® Used to display the Flexible Key list.
DOWN ( ) ® Used to display the Incoming call log.
CENTER ® Used to display the Menu.
In this manual, when a procedure instructs you to "press ", you can also press the
[CENTER] key to confirm the selection.
Used to place a call on Hold.
FSilent Mode Key
Used to turn Silent Mode on or off when pressed for more than 2 seconds in standby mode.
GMessage Key
Used to leave a message waiting indication, or to call back the party who left a message waiting
JSoft Keys
The handset features 3 soft keys. By pressing a soft key, you can select the feature shown
directly above it on the display.
Used to end calls, exit the phonebook or Function mode. Press and hold this key to turn the
handset on or off.
Used to transfer a call to another party, or to clear digits or characters.
Used to make or answer intercom calls.
OCharge Contacts
PStrap Holes
Used to attach phone straps and similar items.
Before Operating the Telephone
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